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Are Blankets Lifesavers?!? 6 ways on how Weighted Blankets Relieve-Stress and Anxiety

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Stress is a common enemy of the state, whether he comes out yelling at you or passively sending you 5-10 bills a week with a message saying "Your bills is due in two days," stress can stop you from feeling alive, determined, and it has a deeper effect to the body than people know. 

At this point people start to turn to solutions like: Yoga (meditation), lifestyle changes, quitting their job and just saying "the hell with it." all these solutions are good, but there is one solution we all miss that we show little appreciation too and sometimes can be highly under-loved.

You may be asking what may that be, well... its the BLANKET!

Surprising right?!?

You should know that doctors are still debating the points concerning the advantages of a well-weighted blanket.

Dive deeper into the facts and know exactly how this little fuzz ball can do that


Well needed pressure

- 100% Weighted Cotton Blanket with Sleep Aid Pressure Decompression


Weighted blankets have the ability to apply pressure also known "deep pressure touch." This ability gives off serotonin along with dopamine, these 2-neurotransmitters relieves the individual of anxiety and stress, all while making the individual feel good and relaxed. Massage therapy produces the same effect. When it comes to slow and gentle touch, the brain starts to stimulate its own network that is involved in handling fear and emotions. Those who suffer from sensory-processing disorders tend to be extremely sensitive to touch. Deep pressure may be able to desensitize and calm the individual down.


The importance of the weight

when it comes to the weight of the blanket, it should be different depending on the patient size. A weighted blanked should be no more than 20-percent of the individual full body weight.



Infants should not use these blankets

Really young children should not be given these weighted blankets. The weight has the possibility to create an fatal accident.  


What is in weighted blankets

Weighted blankets have different items that provide them with their weight. These can include sand, seeds, beans, and rice. Nevertheless, the issue with these organic products present inside the stress-reliever blanket is that these will not be able to get washed. Therefore one that has poly-pellets which are non-organic, are able to get washed. In fact, some people are creating their very own weighted blankets to help them with anxiety and stress reduction. 


What is the cost 

These well needed weighted blankets run for $150-300 USD. You need to be alert of what companies you buy from, search for a good one. If you friend has one, make sure to try it out to see if it is up your alley. 


Can help relieve insomnia

Due to the ability of the blanket to be able to give you a hug, this pressure can aid in relaxing the nervous system. This is a non-drug type of way which can help limit stress. Serotonin formed will be able to convert into melatonin. This is the body’s natural sleep hormone.

It is an exciting idea to think that blankets can help limit stress and anxiety. If you like the idea, you can try out a hush weighted blanket and see if it works for you. Remember to not let toddlers use it as it can be quite dangerous. If it works for you then you can enjoy a relaxing sleep and that with a comfortable weighted-blanket.



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