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4 Major Benefits of Having a Wireless Charger

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Why You Should Choose Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has been around for sometime. However, the trend has picked up immensely since the release if the iPhone X generation released, this is increase is due to Apple allowing their users the option to wirelessly charge their device. Previously, companies such as; Android and Toyota started incorporating this kind of technology in their products, however, the fact that Apple has decided to hop on this train symbolizes that wireless charging has reached mainstream level and that consumers should back their bags and get ready for the new era that consists of way less cords. After all, wireless charging has created many positive changes as it alleviates multiple problems and inefficiencies that are closely tied to connecting devices and chargers into outlets.

In this article, we will address many of the problems associated with the use of wired charging and what it has started to become the thing of the pass. Afterwards, we will discuss the benefits of wireless charging and the rationale to switch to it completely. 

Cable Burden 

People tend to carry multiple cables for their smartphones so they can have the capacity to charge them in more than one location, which will prolong their online use and lifestyle. However, this tends to be an annoying cost burden as people usually purchase smartphone charging cables for their homes, cars, and workspaces at their places of employment, and not to mention the amount of space is consumes in your bags and pocket. However, charging cables for smartphones and other devices don’t have long shelf lives, especially if they are frequently being used on a regular basis. Either it is due to overuse or just being poor quality made by the manufacturer since it can easily break, wear out, or just stop working on the spot. 

In addition, the use of cables also leads to the charging ports of cell phone to experience shortages and burnouts due to constantly being plugged in via wires. This occurs because of the charging port being very fragile and exposed to elements that can easily damage it, which and turn will have to force a cost of repairs or even a new phone upon you, which in turn, will become a newly generated burdensome cost.

Damage and Security Issues When Plugging into an Outlet 

Plugging one’s smartphone into an electrical outlet means that it is directly exposed to electrical connectors, which can create spikes in electricity that can harm the connection, as well as emitting electrical shocks that can hurt the unknowing individual. In fact, there have been several cases reported that have shown how several people have been injured and killed due to improper use of bad cables or cell phones, while still wire charging to an outlet. This direct exposure to electric sockets is one of the primary safety reasons why wireless charging has become a viable trend of the future since it is considered to be much safer than its predecessor.

In addition, the data security of the smart device can be highly vulnerable when plugged into a USB charger, particularly in a public setting. For instance cell phone chargers being publicly used by multiple people in places like airports, restaurants, and coffee shops can be unknowingly used to steal data from a person’s cell phone. This can happen when a person is charging their cell phone into a public USB charging hub and the hub itself has the capability to send and receive data between other cell phones that are charging as well. With a wireless charger, this safety and security concern has become greatly diminished since it was another key reason why the technology was created in the first place. 

The Benefits of Wireless Charging

Wireless technology solves a lot of problems that are often associated with wired charging capabilities. It can either be built into the device or via external charging cases that make it possible to utilize the wireless charging capacity. The wireless charging process is quite simple as it utilizes magnets that incorporate electromagnetic fields from one device so it can make an electric current into a metal coil that is inside another device. A key benefit to using the wireless charger is that it can be used by multiple types of devices like tablets, smartphones, and smart watches in the same setting. It completely makes the process less complicated by never having to carry multiple wire chargers at the same time, since wireless charging capabilities have become commonly available at public settings throughout the world.

In addition, the universal charging standard eliminates the need to have different cables for different smartphones as well as reducing the need for international voltage adapters when traveling abroad as well. Overall, this creates a much safer and secured environment because the device is no longer directly exposed to the elements that can greatly harm it.


With wireless technology advancing and solving problems caused by wires. From tangled wires to directly exposed outlets and USB ports that have been known to cause great harm and damage, the wireless charger has come to save the day and make your life that much funner, safer, and simpler, all while making daily life functions that much easier. This is extremely crucial for professionals in the workplace as cluttered wires can have great negative impacts on overall worker productivity and morale. 

This is why we developed our own stylish slim wood wireless charger designed for iPhone models 7, 8, and x, while also supporting universal charge with the use of the universal charger cords.  Our device charge 50% faster than our competitors while having a stronger and further transmission rate. Our wireless charger adds to the user experience with uncluttered wires and a safer and more-secured universal device charging process.

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